Stop what you’re doing and rejoice! Market added chicken tenders to their menu

They’ve made a few other changes, too

As we begin a new school year, we see many changes around campus. From finished buildings to the removal of Arby's and the remodelling of the Union gym, campus as been altered a bit since we last saw it. One of the largest changes, though, is in Market.

Instead of being greeted by the sweet, lovely Ophelia, we are now greeted with machines. An employee at Market claimed that the change was made to make it easier to get students in quickly. There are still cashiers to manage credit card and cash payments.

A second, rather pleasant change is the floor: brand new carpeting has been put in, leaving the area fresh and clean.

Perhaps most exciting addition to our favorite buffet is chicken tenders. Market is now serving delicious, crispy chicken for all the college students who still order off the kid's menu at restaurants. No more shlepping to Chik-Fil-A to satisfy your cravings.

Keep an eye out for more changes around campus! They could be hiding in plain sight.

University of Pittsburgh