Penn State What’s Better: State Patty’s or St.Patty’s?

Saint Patty’s Day honors the saint, State Patty’s day honors the shot

We asked students which is better, Saint Patty’s day or State Patty’s day. The answer was unanimous, just one more reason why PSU is bad ass. Here are just a few of the comments that students had to say:

Anniey, Sophomore.

“Well I’m not 21 so I like State Patty’s more because I have more opportunities to go out with my friends. I know a lot of people go out to bars on actual St. Patty’s and since I’m not 21 I can’t do that.”


Sam, Freshman

“Saint Patty’s Day honors the saint, State Patty’s day honors the shot”

Justin, Junior

“State Patty’s day is another Penn State tradition that we get to celebrate and be a part of. I think thats pretty damn cool.”

Dominique, Senior

“Saint Patty’s is a holiday everyone drinks on, but State Patty’s is a holiday that only Penn State students drink on and get to celebrate. Thats why I like it.”

Hannah, Freshman

“STATE Patty’s day, it is STATE for a reason. Because only STATE gets to celebrate it. We can make our own holiday and I love being a part of that.”

There we have it, State Patty’s day takes the pot of gold. Using it as an excuse to go to the bars, throw an apartment party or just drink with close friends its just another reason for us to celebrate. Throwing back Green Beer or Natty Light, State Patty’s is just another reason why we love PSU.

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