Who cares if you gain the Freshman 15?

Whoever said ‘nothing tastes as good as skinny feels’ never had Pokey Stix

Fifteen credits, 15 pounds, what’s the big deal. Yes, 15 is the magic number, and the infamous Freshman 15 is everyone’s fear. To most college students this is a huge problem, but I am here to tell you why the dreaded Freshman 15 actually isn’t the end of the world.

 Eating in college is a social event

Lets be honest with ourselves, when we are standing in line at Sheetz after chugging Natty Lights at a few too many frat houses, we aren’t thinking about not fitting into our jeans tomorrow. This is a time to reminisce with friends about the cute boy you saw or planning what house to go to next.

Whether you are going to Brothers Pizza for dinner after a football game, or ordering pizza to your dorm room with five other drunk girls, eating is always a great way to make good traditions with good friends.


15 pounds isn’t all that much

Fuck it. If 15 pounds is nothing if it means having a great college experience. I would put money down that no one has ever said “Wow college was so much fun. I really loved going to the gym for hours every night and living on a diet of two carrots and an almond.”

So if right now you are questioning going to Gumby’s to get Pokey Sticks, the answer is yes. Like many Penn Staters before you, embrace the fact that your thigh gap may disappear and enjoy your new and improved curves.


The weight isn’t forever

If you really think about it, downtown State College has some pretty good food. We only have four years here, so why waste one minute passing up great food that we cant get anywhere else? With this said, who really cares if you have a sticky bun and a Bud Light for dinner? The Diner is only a five minute walk, plus you deserve a treat after a long day of classes. The weight will go away soon but the memories made will always be with you.


What I am saying is the weight you put on in college isn’t a bad thing, and it is definitely not something to stress about. Being a freshman, far away from home, and just trying to fit in, worrying about our weight isn’t going to make things any easier. So if you want one dollar slice of pizza from Canyon for dinner, fuck it, get five.

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