Penn ranked most attractive Ivy League school


We might not be the smartest, but at least we’re pretty?

Although Penn students might have received disappointing results in this year’s Princeton Review, perhaps they have redeemed themselves by being rated the most attractive Ivy League school.

Using data from Tinder and the rate of “yes” swipes students from each school received, Business Insider has concluded that Penn bests the other Ivy’s in looks.


It’s a common takeaway for prospective students from a visit to Penn, that besides all of the incredible academic, extracurricular and social opportunities it has to offer, Penn also leaves many with the impression that it’s a generally attractive school.

Take a walk through campus on a sunny day, when people are studying, eating and socializing outside on college green, and you might just agree.

Oh, and just for the record, Penn’s not all looks – we’ve got brains too.

Ivies with the most attractive people, according to Tinder

1) Penn

2) Brown

3) Columbia

4) Cornell

5) Dartmouth

6) Princeton

7) Yale

8) Harvard

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