A day in the life of an Ivy League athlete

Athletes: we’re just like you

We realize that there is a very specific relationship between the athletes and the “NARPs” (Non-athletic regular people) at Penn.

Athletes may not feel respected by others just because the label “athlete” can sometimes be misconstrued as “dumb jock”.

Regular students can feel like athletes get the most benefits and had an easier way of getting admitted (and they’re always hogging all the long tables at the dining halls!).

We know this isn’t the SEC or the Big 10. Academics take precedence as always, but being a D1 athlete while balancing demanding academics at an elite university is tough. We also know those who aren’t athletes are overloading their schedules with classes and extracurriculars.

We’re just here to remind you that we’re all in this together, people!

Here’s an inside look on a day in the life of an Ivy League athlete.

Rachel Huang, junior Environmental Science major, Field Hockey

Day before (at 8:00pm): Find out that the team is practicing penalty corners before our 7:00am practice. Need to be on field by 6:15am. Internally scream.

5:00am: Snooze through five alarms just to make sure I’m awake.

5:35am: Actually get up out of bed.

5:50am: Walking out the door to walk 10 blocks to the locker room. A final alarm goes off on my phone to make sure I’m actually awake #thestruggleisreal

6:15am: In practice gear, all ready to go and on the field.

7:00am: Real practice actually begins.

9:30am: Field hockey practice ends but we also lift right after… the coaches give us 5-10 minutes to change and run to the weight room. Sometimes they tell us we have “negative minutes” to get to lift (aka we’re already late).

9:45am: Lift heavy objects.

10:30am: First class is right after lift and I smell like feet and chalk. There’s probably a discussion during class and my stomach is doing more talking than my mouth is.

12:00pm: Scarf down lunch in five seconds. I wanna say it’s salad but in reality, it’s probably pizza or sushi. Also probably have a coffee in my hand. Spend the next hour and a half “working”.

1:30pm: Another class.

3:00pm: Another break and a perfect time to grab a snack. Not sure what you would call this… probably pre-dinner? Pre-dinner and more reading and studying.

4:30pm: Mentally and physically prepare myself for a 3 hour class. Refill my water bottle for the 7th time. Clear pee is major key.

Injuries…ya know

7:30pm: I’M FRE- just kidding probably rush to a sorority chapter meeting or work or some study room to complete an assignment. Also spend ample time getting food.

10:00pm: Either I’m in bed or looking at the clock, wishing I was in bed.

11:30pm: A more realistic bedtime that I probably also haven’t abided by.

12:00am: Most realistic time that I would be sleeping.

**Side-note: I’m actually not sure where work goes into this but I swear I get my readings and assignments done.

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