What I learned from my first term of college as a freshman at UO

‘Why not move 2,175 miles across the country?’

Starting college can be intimidating, especially when you're over 2,000 miles from home. I’m from Atlanta, Georgia and moved to Eugene to be a student athlete here at the University of Oregon, while also majoring in Journalism.

While moving coast-to-coast can be difficult, Oregon has taught me a lot about not only myself as a student, but also an athlete. Here's what I learned in my first term:

Before Oregon

I proudly call Atlanta, Georgia my home

Going to college can be a scary thought. I was positive I had it all figured out, I wanted to stay in the south close to home. Then Oregon came around and I decided why not move 2,175 miles across the country?

My whole life I went to a small private school, so it was a bit of a culture shock being around so many different people at the same time. No longer was I walking by the same fifty people every day. The first time I visited Oregon was last fall and it felt like home. I fell in love with the scenery and atmosphere. That feeling still remains today.

The move from Georgia to Oregon has been great, yet very different. The culture and people in Eugene is far different from what I’m used to seeing back home. I believe it is all good change though. Ultimately, I came here for athletics and academics and it is what I expected.

Athletics in the Track Capital of the World

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Historic Hayward Field. Many Olympians train here as well as our nationally-recognized track and field team

Athletics wise, there’s nothing better than stepping foot into “Track Town” every single day. Track Town refers to the excellence in the sport of Track and Field ran at Historic Hayward Field.

It's called Track Town because it's where the Olympic Trials have been held for several years, and there is a magic touch when you step on the track. It's an amazing feeling to know so many great athletes and Olympians have gone through this exact same process as I am going through on this campus.

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Throwing has opened up opportunities in Eugene where I'm now on the women's track and field team

Day-to-day my schedule is hectic. My days start very early in the morning with lifting, and end late at night with either tutoring or meetings. For example, I have morning lifting from 6:45-8:30 AM, class at 9, tutoring at 10, treatment right after, practice from 1-3:30 p.m., then tutoring from 7-8.

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Balancing academics and athletics can be difficult, but it's also rewarding

Although the life of a student athlete is busy, it’s also rewarding. There are many resources given to us to help us succeed. One of the best resources are the tutors. The tutors definitely helped me excel academically my first term, by working with me everyday and helping me get ahead. Athletics was definitely what I expected it to be, and I did not have a hard time adjusting. I've learned how to manage my time, which I will apply to academics for the next three years.

Finding my passion

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I joined Association for Women in Sports Media (AWSM), where we heard from College Football Analyst Yogi Roth

Lastly, it's great to finally work in a field that I'm passionate about. I've always dreamed of being an NBA analyst on ESPN's SportsCenter. I've already started working toward that goal by joining the Association for Women in Sports Media (AWSM), where we've heard from guest speakers such as PAC-12 Network broadcasters Lewis Johnson and Yogi Roth. It's in this space that I've also learned to connect with people and seek curiosity in my reporting.

My first term of college has been really positive so far, and I look forward to see how the rest of my athletic and academic year will go! It had its challenges and adventures, but it was great to move across the country and experience a whole new atmosphere.

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