Oregon named one of the happiest fan bases in all of college football

Of course we’re happy, we’ve got one of the best teams in the country

Oregon football has been ranked as one of the top schools in ESPN's college football Fan Happiness Index.

The worldwide leader in sports ranks Oregon 27 out of 128 programs. The methodology of the survey includes the strength of the team's records from 2012-2016 compared to its current record, wins over its rivals, coach stability, the percentage of three to five star recruits compared to expectations, differences in revenue in 2016 from past years, and social media engagement.

We even ranked above Oregon State, which sits at #84

We even ranked above Oregon State, which sits at #84

Oregon ranks above other PAC-12 schools such as USC and Utah, who rank numbers 31 and 32 respectively. We're also ahead of Oregon State, who was ranked at number 84.

Keep it up Ducks, only a few weeks until the season starts.

University of Oregon