Sexually speaking, the University of Oregon is one of the safest campuses in America

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Oregon is ranked in the top ten for the most sexually healthy universities in the country.

In a report of the top 25 healthiest colleges and universities Oregon sits number eight, four down from Trojan’s 2016 health report card.

The report was conducted by stdexpresstest,which specializes in easy and affordable STD tests. UO has its Health Center to credit for its success, putting together a series of educational materials that are described as “some of the most comprehensive in the nation.”

These include STD screenings clinics, making it a place that will, “supply their students with as much information about sexual health as possible.”

The UO Health Center has what are called “some of the most comprehensive in the nation”

In addition to STD screening services, the clinic also provides free counseling for those with questions regarding sexual health in addition to pregnancy tests.

Oregon is one spot above Oregon State, who sits at number nine after falling from its number two spot last year.

The next Trojan Report will be released in October.

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