All classes are cancelled tomorrow because of winter weather

The university has cautioned students to be safe during the extreme winter term

The university has cancelled classes on Monday due to extreme winter weather that has affected the safety of student travels back to campus.

They issued this alert today: “We expect the University of Oregon to be open on Monday, Jan. 9, however, all classes are canceled, and the new term will officially start on Jan. 10.”

The University has been mindful of weather conditions and their inhibiting of travel back to campus.

The university has been issuing alerts throughout the weekend cautioning students to exercise caution while traveling back to campus. They issued the following warning on January 7th:

Followed by emails on January 7th: Students are urged to take caution while returning to campus.

“Students and families should consult road and weather information and use extreme caution, both traveling to campus and while moving back into residences.”

Despite the winter weather conditions, the University of Oregon stated that the campus will be open Monday.

Jan. 8th: Due to numerous flight delays and hazardous road conditions “all classes are canceled, and the new term will officially start on Jan. 10.”

The university has been urging both staff and students to use caution and plan for extra time for travel. They have been focused on the student’s safety and have stated: “UO Campus Planning and Facilities Management crews have been working overtime to make safe designated walking paths around campus”

The winter season continues to surprise the Pacific northwest, students and staff should continue to travel with caution. Stay safe and warm.

University of Oregon