Everybody run for FREE massages

Get your stress relief at the EMU

Students can get  can get a free, stress-relieving massage today at the EMU.

The service will be available until 1:30.

“We had this planned so our wonderful students could come out and get a nice massage from our friends at Lane Community College because massage students need hours and we want our students on campus to get some free massages,” said junior Melissa Greteman.


Greteman is the Vice President for UO’s U R Awesome club

The event is put on by the U R Awesome club, which is a club about “spreading kindness on campus,” Greteman added.


My massage therapist and I

Students have been grateful for this service, and feel much better after taking time out of their day to sit down and relax. Here’s what they say to the U R AWESOME club:


Miranda says ‘Thank you for massaging my back!’

“After getting massaged I feel extremely relaxed,” said Miranda, one of the attendees.

“Thank you so much for massaging my back!”

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