Why I transferred from Mississippi State to Ole Miss

Talk about an upgrade

Ole Miss may have lost this year’s Egg Bowl, but the real win is that I no longer attend Mississippi State. Ole Miss wins games, wins the party and won my heart. Here’s why I finally decided to upgrade and transfer to the highly superior Ole Miss.

The Grove is like no other tailgate in the world

I was told time and time again that tailgating in The Grove should be on my bucket list even though I went to Mississippi State. My first Grove experience was less than rememberable — it was the Egg Bowl two years ago, and I was still a Bulldog fan. Now, I don’t want to spend my Saturdays anywhere else. I especially don’t want to spend my Saturdays in the Junction pretending that I’m not bored and don’t already want to go home.

Game days in general are an incredible experience

Whether the Rebs win or the Rebs lose, a day in Vaught-Hemmingway Stadium is always a win. There is nothing like sweating down, freezing to death or smelling like the beer that was just spilled on you in the name of school spirit. Let’s not forget to mention that when someone pulls out a flask in the student section security turns the other way but if someone pulls out a cowbell, it is getting confiscated no matter what the score. Let’s all take a second and thank game day security for their service. Plus, we don’t have to pretend like we like the sound of cowbells. Which are obnoxious. And unnecessary.

I got to go Alum with my sorority which is bomb

When I transferred, I had a choice between reafiliating or going alum with my sorority. I decided that as a junior, I really wasn’t interested in starting over and learning a new Greek world. Instead, I signed the paper and became an alum. It was the best decision I had ever made. When my sorority sisters began unfollowing and blocking me just because I transferred to a school they didn’t like, I learned that sisterhood was really only there when it was convenient. However, I still have so much love for my sorority on a national level and my local alumni club.

I didn’t quite fit in Mississippi State

I was a software engineering major. And at Mississippi Sate, if you weren’t an engineering major or an agriculture major, it was really hard to fit in. Ole Miss is known as the preppy school, the party school, and the place where the wannabe lawyers go. Essentially, it was the place that I knew that I needed to be.

The Square is my everything

If transferring had been a hard decision (it wasn’t), The Square would have definitely been the deciding factor. It’s adorable and has that Southern charm Oxford is known for. Whether we’re spending our lunch break shopping or our Friday nights bar hopping, The Square never disappoints.  Plus, The Square is what  makes Oxford and Ole Miss feel so much like home. The Cotton District in Starkville just doesn’t compare no matter how hard they try.

Side note: Do you even go to Ole Miss if you don’t have a picture in the phone booth on The Square?

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