The ultimate tutorial for easy, at home Halloween makeup

Embrace your inner diva

Halloween is the best holiday for makeup junkies – it’s an opportunity to really shine with their costumes.

I love makeup, though I have friends who struggle with making it look “right”, particularly when it comes to dramatic costume makeup – but it’s a lot easier than you’d think.

This is my face before any makeup:

Now watch me transform!

The leopard face

First prime your face and then put on white eyeshadow.

Note – this will be the first step of all the upcoming looks.

Next put a layer of light orange over the white on your eyelids

Next on the outside corners of your eyes put dark orange eyeshadow

Next line your eyes with a dark brown eyeshadow

Next put a red orange eyeshadow under your eyes for dimension

Add the black eyeliner. The liner should go past your eyelid on the outside with a little wing at the top and towards your nose on the inside.

Next add the nose and lips next using black eyeliner

Time to add your spots! Using eyeliner and orange eyeshadow, do some shading and vary their size and color.

Finally, add the whiskers and muzzle spots.

Add lipstick. Go for red lipstick or red eyeshadow

Finally fill in your eyebrows, add silver eyeliner to the bottom lash line and fluff out your hair and you are ready to go!

And one more for luck:

The bride of Frankenstein

Start with the same white eyeshadow and then add white translucent powder or white eyeliner to your face.

Next, fill in the crease of your eyelid with black eyeshadow. Add green eyeshadow into the inner corners of your eyes then apply winged eyeliner.

Along the bottom lash line, put black eyeshadow on the outside half and green on the inside. Then we add the scars!

Use a red or brown lip pencil or eyeliner. Make the scars in the shape of an S on either side of your face.

Next add the stitches with black and white eyeliner

You can’t be a Frankenstein without your bolts! Make them with silver eyeliner (or paint) and a black divet with black eyeliner:

To finish, black lipstick is key to this look. Major key.

I used black eyeshadow for a matte lip but there are plenty of black lipsticks on the market.

Dia de los Muertos Sugar Skull coming in HOT!

Start off with two black circles around your eyes

Next put fill in the circles with bright colored eyeshadow:

Next, add little half circles around your circles to make your eyes look like flowers and fill them in with a different color of eyeshadow.

Draw a triangle on your nose to get the skeleton nose look.

Now it’s time to add some details. First, add a flower detail on your forehead in a color that compliments the rest of the look. Adding filigree around will make you look classy.

Next, an ombre lip will take you to the next level. To achieve this, put a darker lip color on the outside and a lighter shade on the inside.

Finish the look with cheek designs and a skeleton mouth with black eyeliner. Add a flower crown and you are ready to party!

The last look is pretty easy. Wednesday Addams

Start with your white eyeshadow then add a purpleish brown eyeshadow in your eyelid crease

Add thick black eyeliner with a small flick at the end of your line

For the bottom of your eyes draw a black line with eyeliner halfway through and then white eyeliner for the other half.

Finish up the look with our favorite black lipstick and put on a black dress.

Happy Halloween!

Now go out there and wow everyone with your new found makeup skills.


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