The do’s and don’ts of Ole Miss game day fashion

Because someone clearly forgot to wear powder blue last weekend

Grove attire is a key part of being in the Ole Miss community – people even theme their weddings around it, and knowing what to wear is just as key as knowing what not to wear.

Every game is a different color depending on who we’re playing. For example, when we play against Georgia, we’ll wear blue – their main color is red.

Things like this are what make The Grove an out of this world experience.

Do wear powder blue for Alabama

Being a Rebel, you know that powder blue has been lucky for the past two years, so why should you stop now?

Do bring your pom poms

Pom poms are a cowboy boot accessory also, you need it for the game – what else are you going to shake during “Turn Down for What”?

Don’t forget to wear something light during summer and early fall games

The student section is one hundred percent in the sun and you will be sweating.

Don’t worry, you’re not alone.

Do wear comfortable shoes

There is going to be a lot of walking and standing be prepared. Don’t be the dummy who wears heels – flats and boots are your friend.

Don’t forget your Sorority and Fraternity stickers and buttons

With rush coming up it is important to show your greek devotion. Every sorority has their own buttons and stickers and they are worn proudly.

Do wear a crazy costume and make it on TV

There have been Landsharks, elves and everything in between. It’s a small taste of fame while rooting for your team.

We may not always win the game, but we never lose a party. The Ole Miss after game mantra.

Going to a beautiful school that makes other schools jealous isn’t so bad. Being able to say that you beat the number one team in the SEC two years in a row is something to brag about and asking for three could have been greedy of us but I wouldn’t change it for anything.

We have a long way to go but we’re looking good this season.

Hotty Toddy!

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