Sigma Chi being investigated for sexual harassment after Derby Days

They asked sorority women, ‘which Sigma Chi would [you] go down on?’

The Ole Miss chapter of Sigma Chi is currently under investigation for sexual harassment following their annual Derby Days charity event.

Members of the fraternity were captured on video making sexist remarks to sorority women — including multiple allusions to oral sex — in front of a large crowd Friday.

One Sigma Chi brother asked a sorority member named Bobby Joe, “What’s your nickname?” to which she responded “Bobby Smirnoff.”

Then another fraternity brother said, “We’re gonna go ahead and say it’s BJ.”

They then asked a follow-up question — “What’s your fondest memory of the Sigma Chi basement?” — and then ignore her answer, again repeating, “We’re gonna go ahead and go with her nickname is BJ.”

The university released a statement saying: “If substantiated, the behavior reported at this event clearly violates campus policy and one of the UM community’s core values, which is for our students to show respect and dignity for all. While the investigation into the incident moves forward, the Sigma Chi fraternity has been directed by university officials to cease any official or unofficial Derby Days activities.”

“The university takes the report alleging a hostile environment very seriously,” said Rebecca Bressler, director of Equal Opportunity and Regulatory Compliance at UM. “It is important that members of our community feel safe and supported – actions that undermine that goal will not be tolerated.”

An Ole Miss sophomore and sorority member Abby Bruce attended the event and described in a Facebook post afterwards, saying she felt “humiliated” that Ole Miss women were allowing themselves to be objectified in this way.

“Why have we allowed ourselves to be objectified? Women’s fraternities were started as an empowerment movement – what happened?” the post read.

Within 24 hours, Abby’s status had received over 500 likes and been shared over a thousand times. Her post prompted a statement from RASA and an official apology from the Sigma Chi president.

This story will be updated as more details emerge.

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