Humans of Ole Miss: Meet Mollie McGowan

You’ve seen them around, but do you really know them?

It was a rainy Tuesday afternoon, but Mollie still agreed to meet up with me for an interview in the middle of a hectic day of classes. Mollie, an art major at the University of Mississippi, met me in the media room of the art department. She arrived with Starbucks because, sweet as always, she texted me before to see if I wanted anything.

We sat, Mollie drinking a soy vanilla latte and me drinking an earl grey, and talked about the things that make up and consume the world of Mollie McGowan, a fashionable, soft-spoken animal lover.

Mollie and I went to high school together in Jackson, Mississippi, and I remember even then, her style could shine through the bland and boring uniforms we were forced to wear.

So how would you describe your style?

Well, my favorite color is black so I’m usually in all black. I like wearing chokers sometimes and a lot of rings. Hmm…I love shoes and jackets. I like to change up my hair color too.

So I see your hair is purple right now. What other colors have you done?

I did pink first and I liked it a lot but it washed out really fast. Then I tried blue and that was cool. I felt like a mermaid. Haha.

Do you have any inspirations for your style?

I like Twiggy a lot. I like Kylie and Kendall’s style and I also like Adelaide Kane who plays in the show Reign.

What kind of animals do you have?

I have a Siamese cat named Zoe. She is a little diva. I have four swans that live in the lake behind my house. My favorite singer is Johnny Cash so I named my first swan Johnny and the other I named June, after Johnny’s wife. But Johnny passed away so now it’s just June along with the others – Lady, Lefty, and Gypsy.

What is your favorite place to travel to?

I’m in love with the beach.

Artwork by Mollie: “Space Cadet” (mixed media in tray)

What do you see yourself doing after graduating?

I want to move to the beach and maybe go into jewelry design.

No matter where she ends up though, Mollie will forever be rocking her dope style, drinking Starbucks, and creating something beautiful.

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