Everything you need to know about the Pavilion

How does it compare to the Tad Smith Coliseum?

The Pavilion opened its doors to the public as of January 7 this year.  After the long wait of construction, this massive new stadium has finally graced us with its presence – offering not only a larger seating area but also additional accommodations such as Clubs, a C-Spire Station, and two new eateries.

So far, many agree The Pavilion is definitely an improvement from the Tad Smith Coliseum – which for so long was home for our basketball team. Alas, we have to say goodbye (but on the bright side, we can say good riddance to the dull food options).

The stadium itself

First and foremost, The Pavilion is enormous. Compared to the Tad Smith Coliseum’s seating of 8,867, The Pavilion has increased its seating arrangements to hold 9,500 people. While a number of 700 seats may seem rather small considering the immense size of this new stadium, the structure and accommodations allow for a variety of activity to take place.

Not only are there additional seats, but there are also standing balconies which surround the court, allowing for viewers to overlook the game as they obtain food. A few of these balconies feature interactive tablets as well. Inside the viewing area, the new Jumbo Tron overlooks the court majestically high and screens line the interior just enough to enhance any attendee’s experience. Now, the score from the game can be seen from anywhere at any time. It doesn’t matter if you’re sitting down by the floor or as high as the ceiling – there’s always a great view.

Food choices

Steak ’n Shake and Raising Cane’s have opened at the Pavilion! Say goodbye to the Freshmen Fifteen and give a big hello to the Senior Sixty, because these food options are amazing. There are other food choices that borderline the court with items such as barbeque nachos, jumbo pretzels, and other classics many have enjoyed from the Tad Smith Coliseum. So don’t worry: if you’re nostalgic for the food from the Tad Pad, it hasn’t gone anywhere. But there’s no denying that the presence of two great chain restaurants helps enhance the food quality.

Steak ‘n Shake doesn’t disappoint with its hamburgers, foot long hotdogs, cheese fries, and most importantly the milkshakes, but this particular Steak ‘n Shake, unfortunately, offers a limited menu with only three entrée combos and four milkshake flavors. Let’s not forget to mention the price has increased, so the $4 menu is no more. On the bright side, everything is still delicious. And with Raising Cane’s finally opening, it only gets better from here (because we all know how addicting Cane’s Sauce is).

Seating arrangements

The student section now aligns the border of the court from the side, and is closer to the floor than ever before. In the Pavilion, students have premium seats to enjoy the game and cheer for their Rebels. On the other side is where members of the clubs have their seats. However, while they do line the court, they are not as close to the court as the students are.

While there are great views for both sides, there are a couple flaws. Because of the enhanced view for students, security has tightened around that section to ensure the only viewers are Ole Miss students. Unfortunately, no longer are students allowed to bring friends from outside the university and have them sit and enjoy the game with them in the student section. But don’t let that discourage you from bringing your friends to the game: there are top seats near the ceiling where your group can sit. Plus, it’s not as loud up there, so talking during the game is actually possible.

The clubs

The two types of clubs offered at the Pavilion are the Pavilion Club and the All-American Club. Currently, both club seats are available for purchasing and include access to lounge areas as well as complimentary food and beverages. Pavilion Club tickets are $75 and All-American Club tickets are $145.

Other features

The C-Spire charging station not only allows you to charge your devices during the game, but there are also devices and accessories you can purchase. If you wanted to buy a new new Samsung Galaxy S6, you can now do that right on campus during your lunch hour. The immense size of the Pavilion also allows for many vendors to sell their products. During halftime, you can browse for some Ole Miss attire or candy apples from the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory (which we all know are a blessing).

Overall, the Pavilion is a great improvement as a stadium compared to the Tad Smith Coliseum.  It’s bigger and has better food choices to say the least, plus amazing courtside views for students.

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