The Best of OSU Crush: September

Looking back on tweets that will make you laugh, cry, and thirst

OSU Crush is everyone's favorite anonymous crush Twitter account. Having a bad day? Bored in class and need something fun to do? Scroll through OSU Crush. The students of Ohio State and the editors of the Twitter page killed it this month. From missed connections to weird professions of love, OSU Crush has it all.

There are a few types of tweets you can find on the page, not just anonymous human looking for random attractive human. So we're gonna look at the best tweets of the month.

Crushes that make you go SAME

The crushes that could be solid on their own, but the responses just make them

The thirsty crushes

Crushes that everyone can agree with

The WTF crushes

Crushes that give you hope

Thanks OSU Crush for not only trying to help people find love, but for giving us all a good laugh in the process.

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