Drackett Tower’s water turned off for testing of legionella bacteria

Student diagnosed with Legionella pneumonia possibly linked to water from Drackett Tower

An Ohio State student residing in Drackett Tower was diagnosed with Legionella pneumonia after a water line collapsed there causing the water to be shut off to repair damages.

Only one case of legionella is currently being investigated at Ohio State's Columbus campus.

According to the Columbus Dispatch, the line break happened on August 27th, and the student was diagnosed a few days later. It is uncertain right now whether the student's illness was caused by the water in Drackett Tower, but the student says that the water fountain there was the only public water source they drank from.

The water line to Drackett Tower has been turned off until testing for the bacteria is complete.

Legionella pneumonia, also called Legionnaires' disease, is a rare illness that has flu-like symptoms, and is not spread from person to person. It is spread through water, so from a water fountain, or the mist from an air conditioner.

Most students on and off campus were not aware of this until the university sent out a statement via email the afternoon of September 20th, about 3 weeks later.

Kyra Hassler told The Tab, "I didn't know and I'm in res life."

Hannah, a freshmen living in Drackett Hall told us, "It's funny how our parents knew before we did. Like, my roommate instantly started feeling bad because she did nothing but drink the water."

The best way to get important, or time sensitive news to students is though email; and the university did utilize this but, they waited almost a month to do so.

According to the Associated Press, a spokesman from Ohio State said a notification was not sent to students because it was not required, as the incident was an isolated case and not an outbreak.

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