This student accidentally sent a video of her friend beer bonging a Four Loko to the cops

‘Is this Brett?’

On Friday night, a student accidentally sent multiple videos of her friend beer bonging a Four Loko to the cops.

Everyone dreads sending a text to the wrong person, but I think someone would rather wake up the night after a drunken stupor and realize they texted their ex than the cops . . . except for Brett, who tweeted:

Elise, a student at Bowling Green State University, recorded her friend Brett beer bonging a Four Loko. When she tried sending the videos to Brett later, she accidentally sent them to Justin, a police officer, instead.

At first Justin played along by responding, "Is that billy?" When Elise expressed confusion, the officer said, "Sorry my phones been being weird lately. Who is this?" Elise introduced herself and asked if she was speaking to Brett. Finally, the cop gave up the act and admitted:

"Sorry, Eliseā€¦ this is actually Justin. And I have no clue who you are. But watching your friend chug four loko has provided us with a lot of laughs at work."

Following this message, Justin sent a photo of he and his uniformed partner giving a thumbs up to let Elise know that it was all in good fun.

Elise replied, "oh my god im sorry i must have gotten the wrong number!! glad you enjoyed the videos though (laughing emoji) i hope the rest of your day at work goes well!!"

Thankfully they had a good sense of humor! Given the possible repercussions of her potentially fatal mistake, Elise concluded that Justin and his partner were "homies."

Lesson of the Day: always double-check the recipient of your messages before pressing send.

Featured image courtesy of DeviantArt.

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