This is how many hours Ohio State students spend studying for finals

Not enough to be honest

Finals week is the most dreaded and stressful week of the semester for Ohio State students. Between the coffee, Adderall and lack of sleep, it may feel as if this week will never end.

A recent study conducted by The Tab surveyed over 3,000 students who reported their study habits. The survey found that on average Ohio State students spend 5.5 hours a day studying during finals week.

Overall, Ohio State is ranked 49th on the list behind other Big 10 schools such as Minnesota, Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan State, Michigan, Iowa, Penn State and Rutgers.

The discrepancy between the number one school on the list, Syracuse University, and Ohio State is quite wide. On average, Syracuse students spend 13 hours a day studying for finals. In fact, Syracuse students average 7.5 more hours of studying per day than Ohio State students.

However, Ohio State students still average 1.7 hours more than West Virginia, the lowest ranked school on the list. On average West Virginia students spend 3.8 hours a day studying.

Don’t stress Ohio State students — the University of Michigan spend 8.3 hours a day studying on average. So the next time your are cramming in Thompson or pulling an all-nighter in the SEL, just remember that it can always be worse.

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