Dayton destroys Ohio State over player transfers

Dayton has had success with transfer players. So why not tweet about it?

My freshman year at OSU, the Buckeye men’s hoops team took a step back. After making the Final Four in 2012 and the Elite Eight in 2013, the Buckeyes went 25-9 and were a 6-seed in the NCAA Tournament, going up against 11-seed Dayton. How did Dayton’s first NCAA tournament game in four years turn out?

Dayton went on to make a miraculous run in the tournament, losing to Florida in the Elite Eight.

It’s safe to say that this new era of Dayton basketball – one that proved 2014 was not a fluke – was born the day of that Ohio State victory two springs ago. So it’s expected that during a time where the Buckeye program has lost four players from its 2015 recruiting class, Dayton will try to take a shot, and that it did.

You might say, “How does that relate at all to Ohio State?”  My response, of course, is “How could it not?” considering the news of this past week.

That’s the beauty of subtweeting: You can write motivational bullshit or cite Bible verses or thank fans in a way that hides who you’re truly tweeting at. It may be cowardly to some, but without subtweeting, the tweet above could’ve come out like this.

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