Meet the NYU student who’s launching her own swimwear brand this month

Marcelle Barbosa is combining swimwear with streetwear

After launching her first bikini line in Brazil, then 16-year-old Marcelle Barbosa decided she wanted to create a bathing suit that was more unique than a basic bikini.

"Having lived in Brazil and constantly traveling to beach places, I have always been extremely fascinated with bikinis and how the details and fit is everything, and how it can be so empowering," Marcelle Barbosa told the Tab.

As the hype for streetwear grew, Marcelle realized that she could incorporate that style to elevate swimwear. With the help of her sister Luana Barbosa, the pair created HAI SWIM, a high-end streetwear inspired swimwear brand.

Currently a New York University Stern student, Luana applies what she learns in her luxury marketing and computer and data science classes to her role as head of Marketing and Communications of HAI SWIM.

"As a marketing major and having worked in the field before, I am dealing with everything marketing communications and customer service related," Luana said. "It's a huge investment to start a new brand from scratch, you never know if it's going to work out. It's a lot of work, but I think we managed to create something really amazing and it's pretty cool to see it grow."

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SS18 "The Painter Collection"

The Barbosa sisters describe their swimwear line as a "street-style inspired, minimalist, high-end bikini brand" bringing you more than just bikinis, but rather statement pieces. These showstopper pieces will make you want to skip right over spring and dive into summer. "We believe in making unique, versatile pieces that do not fall within the traditional definition of a bikini," Luana said. "HAI brings a twist to street style by giving women the liberty of incorporating swimwear in their different personal styles."

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SS18 "The Painter Collection"

The pieces come in sizes small, medium and large and range from $80-$90 for "The Basics Collection," $100-$200 for "The Painted Collection" and $150-300 for "The Limited Edition Collection." Luana's favorite piece is "The Limited Edition 00:00 SET" because of it's unique versatility.

HAI SWIM invites you to reach out about inquiries and opportunities at [email protected].

HAI is launching at the end of April 2018 and their website will launch then at

Follow them on instagram at @HAISWIM.