Here’s what your chosen Bobst spot says about your typical study habits

Choose wisely

I remember my freshman self, sifting through Bobst Library searching for a seat and a functioning outlet to get my “big girl” work done. I had thought of Mean Girls and couldn’t help but think the desk situation at the library was much like the jungle of cafeteria tables. Sure enough, I went straight to the back, plopped my books down, and made multiple laps in the same circle searching for a restroom.

So in a bid to help you avoid these situations and find your true home in Bobst, here’s a guide as to what your choice of floor in Bobst says about you [and boy, do I wish I had this guide as a freshman].

LL2: You’re really just here to fake study and watch GOT

If you’ve just broken up with your boyfriend/girlfriend, LL2 is the perfect place to hide out. You’ll have no phone service and your chances of bumping into him/her, or anyone for that matter, well, simply don’t exist. You can even rent your very own study room – it’s your mini getaway. Alex Schayes ('18) said, “I like studying on LL2 because of the private study room

LL1: You’ve found the perfect setting for your Freshman 15

You might spend more campus cash at the vending machines on LL1 that charge $4.00 for a Red Bull than you do printing money a couple feet away. Other than for your chocolate fix, it’s quite a boring place to be.

1st floor is pretty much just your ordinary drive-through printing station

Floor one is where you would’ve found me four years ago. Your chances of finding a seat are minimal, and your chances of a functioning outlet are even fewer. However, great place to spend all your printing money and avoid the 5 South lines. Talia Ciklik ('20) says, “Floor 1 is literally social happy hour.”

2nd and 3rd floors might as well not exist

Are two and three even floors? I tried collecting data for two, but the floor was empty and almost everyone I asked in Bobst, asked me if that’s even a floor, so there’s that. And I'm pretty sure the 3rd floor is just for decoration.

Good work – on the 4th floor, you’re putting that hefty tuition to use

This is where you go when you actually have work to get done; not when you’re pretending you’re reading a PDF off your phone but really using the dog filter on snapchat. It’s truly a hidden gem – quiet and newly renovated with chairs that don’t make your butt go numb, yet close enough to the stairs to get a bi-hourly dose of the fifth floor. Aya Abitbul ('18) said “I like 4 because the North room is the only one with wheelie chairs!” Go to 4 North if you want a quiet enough spot to hear people’s breathing.

5th floor is the Bobst version of “Meet the Greeks”

The fifth floor is known as the “Greek Life” floor. Come to the fifth floor to see people watching Netflix as an excuse to feel productive, chat with your friends, get no work done, and to flirt with the cute guy in his formal T-shirt. Paulina Sideris ('19) said her favorite section of 5 is 5 west “because I like to flirt.” Come to 5W for social Greeks, 5E for harder working Greeks, and 5S because you don’t have enough time between classes to go home but too much time to look like a loner in the park. Jenny Chen ('19) said “I met my boyfriend by accidentally hitting him in the back of the head with a grape in 5 South!”

Go to the 6th floor if you're looking for a doctor

This is the place to be if you’re trying to have some deeper conversation about what happened on last night’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy (aside from *SPOILER ALERT* all your favorite characters dying off the show). In other words, if you’re looking for the doctor your mother always wanted you to marry, pitch a tent and hike out here. “I know 6 is the go-to floor when I have to cram for a test and need peace and quiet. It's filled with pre-med students that are driven and focused and I love that,” said Karolina Katsnelson ('18).

When Queen B said 'Let me upgrade you', I think she was talking about the 7th floor of Bobst

Some say orange is the new black but Dana Fink ('18) says “But 7 is kinda the new 5.” That’s right. Come to seven for large crowded tables that make you feel like you’re in a news board meeting, but the clean bathrooms make the uncomfortable shoulder touches well worth it. And on the bright side, you’re close enough to read the person next to you texting his/her parents about how hard he/she is working when in reality they’re on Tinder. I see you swiping right.

On the 8th floor, race with the clock to get your assignment done before your battery dies

You know those horror movies where someone is climbing up the stairs, hoping for no creaks so the murderer doesn’t hear him/her? The desks on the eighth floor are the equivalent. Oh, and unless your computer has 100% battery power, good luck finding an outlet. I guess this is a fine place to be when you’re desperate, but your study grind is over the moment your computer battery dies. Well spent tuition, am I right? “I can literally hear the sound of squeaking chairs through my headphones,” Sydney Grant ('18) told the Tab NYU.

Get your last minute summer tan on the 9th floor

I’m pretty sure the saying “it’s always sunny in Philadelphia” was inspired by the ninth floor. The ninth floor is so sunny that you can’t take off your sunglasses for six hours straight, making the glare that much stronger on your computer screen; so much so you can’t see Netflix asking if you want to continue watching. I’m pretty sure I sweat out the finals chipotle I got myself on this floor. “I come here when I have to study but have FOMO from the plethora of students enjoying the sun in the park. So, I get to tan and study at the same time up here. I recommend bringing sunscreen and not wearing your black lulus,” graduate Victoria VanWie said.

If Bobst was a Drake album, the 10th floor would be Views

If the 10th floor had a JSwipe profile, its only redeemable quality would be its views. This is kind of one of those last resort floors. If it’s finals season and you don’t trust yourself in the confines of Starbucks or your bedroom, it’s worth the schlep up. Honestly, couldn’t find anyone here to tell me why they would voluntarily skip floors 1-9.

And by the time you get to the 11th and 12th floors, you've reached a dead end

If you’re trying to kiss the door the way you do at Josie’s Pub, make your way to floors 11 and 12 to be stopped by NYU security. Unless you’re an administrator, the Dean of libraries, or President Hamilton, go back down.

So, there you have it. Freshmen, welcome to Bobst and may the odds be ever in your favor. Oh, and one last piece of advice, don’t be that guy who holds up the herd of students while you’re balancing your ByChloe salad, Think coffee, umbrella, trying to find your ID to swipe in.