Students sue NYU over ‘subpar’ education at Tisch Asia

They suffered financial damages after being ‘mislead’ into enrolling

As reported by University World News on Wednesday, three former students of Tisch Asia have filed a lawsuit against NYU, alleging that the now defunct Singapore campus failed to provide them with the quality of education that they were promised.

The students – Anna Basso, Amy Hart and Jaime Villa Ruiz – filed the suit on 19th September, which claims that they suffered financial damages after being ‘mislead’ into enrolling in NYU Tisch Asia. The students said that they paid up to $165,000 for their education at the Singapore campus, only to discover that it was a “subpar programme in practically every aspect, from the quality of the faculty, facilities…to the exclusion of Tisch Asia students from grants, competitions and networking opportunities available to students at Tisch New York.”


The three former students are suing NYU for alleged breach of contract, fraud, “negligent misrepresentation” and “unjust enrichment” according to University World News.

NYU have responded to the lawsuit, with spokesperson John Beckman claiming that the suit is “without merit and [they] expect to prevail in court.” He continued in his statement to reject the claims of that suit, stating that “The students at Tisch Asia had curriculum as Tisch uses in New York” and that “students had excellent facilities and equipment; and notably, graduates received a Tisch School of Arts degree.”

Finally, when referring to the closure of the Singapore campus, Beckman said that “it did not work financially and operated at a steep deficit precisely because NYU was providing the students with an excellent education that cost more than tuition dollars brought in.” Just what NYU students want to hear, we’re actually not paying enough for our education. It is that sentiment that is going to make our loans magically disappear right?