Why bother going to an Ivy? NYU is better in every way

Who needs Columbia

Brown, Columbia, Cornell, Dartmouth, Harvard, UPenn, Princeton, and Yale—we’ve heard these names far too many times as college students. For many, we would have gladly traded NYU for one of these prestigious “Ivies” back in senior year of high school. While we may associate The Ivy League with academic excellence and (in cruder terms) “smart people”, that certainly does not mean NYU students are stupid. In fact, we’re just as smart, just as ambitious, and just as innovative as all the other Ivy League schools may say they are. NYU actually even exceeds The Ivy League schools in more ways than one. I’m not saying this because I’m biased, it’s a fact, NYU is a better school than any of the Ancient Eight. 

NYU is global

Tired of the New York campus? NYU offers its students opportunities to study at Abu Dhabi, Accra, Berlin, Buenos Aires, Florence, London, Madrid, Paris, Prague, Shanghai, Sydney, and Tel Aviv. At NYU, it is not just about making a difference in the United States, but it is about making an impact around the world. NYU encourages its students to see the world, and whether it is at one of the twelve global centers or at New York City, NYU students always have the best seat for a global learning experience.

NYU is diverse

There are A LOT of schools and programs at NYU. There are A LOT of international students at NYU. There are A LOT of students in general at NYU. NYU is famously known for its diversification. At NYU, students are propelled in what is similar to the miniature version of the world. We are not isolated by fancy gates and Collegiate Gothic architecture. Did you know that NYU has the highest number of international students in America? By being a part of NYU’s diverse community, we are able to learn not just in lecture halls but from our peers. We learn to communicate effectively and we become more aware of the world around us. We are book smart and street smart.

NYU is in New York City

Honestly, smart move Albert Gallatin. Who wouldn’t want a college to be at “The Capital of the World”? NYU students have access to Broadway, to Wall Street, to the United Nations headquarters, and pretty much, to the best of everything. A college is not just about its programs and professors but it is also about the resources available to students, and trust me, in a place like The City, there are plenty of sights to see and knowledge to learn.  

NYU has awesome faculty

National Humanities Medal, Gordon Bell Prize, Lifetime Achievement Award, Nobel Prize: NYU faculty is truly remarkable and accomplished, but we do not need a multitude of awards to tell us that. NYU professors are distinguished not only because they are smart but because they are enthusiastic about their work. Their enthusiasm for learning inspires and motivates students to find their own passions.

NYU has awesome alumni

Alan Greenspan, W.R. Berkley, Jack Dorsey, Aziz Ansari, Alec Baldwin, Tom Ford. Okay, I am sure you know at least one name from this list. These people are famous, successful, and NYU alumni. NYU’s Class of 2014 had a 94.7 per cent job placement rate and at these corporations, NYU alumni are doing great things. It is no surprise to see so many significant figures coming from NYU.

NYU has awesome students

While NYU faculty and alumni are awesome we cannot forget about the students. NYU students have won amazing scholarships and have done incredible things. On September 20, 2015, NYU Abu Dhabi students won an award for their inventive, electric mosquito net that uses the acid secreted by E. coli bacteria to attract mosquitos. Even before graduation, NYU students are constantly pursuing their studies and their interests so that they can make a positive impact to the world.

Plus Tavi Gevinson goes here

NYU has awesome achievements

It’s not just NYU students, faculty, and alumni making great achievements. In February 2011, NYU received a gold rating for its sustainability efforts. The Sustainability Tracking, Assessment & Rating System (STARS) measures sustainability progress in higher educational institutions. Just because NYU is one of the largest universities in America does not mean we don’t think green. Every year, NYU as a whole is constantly reaching for greater heights.

NYU is constantly expanding

60, 322 applicants? What? NYU’s class of 2019 received a record number of applications, a 15 per cent increase from last year. Even though NYU is opening doors to even more students nationwide, NYU is still ranking high in the charts — for literally everything. We got the best dorms, incomparable academics, and great food trucks.

NYU students make smart choices

YOU chose NYU. How are you not smart? Clearly, there was something about NYU that attracted you, that excited you. I remember when I was first looking at college applications. NYU was the only school I visited but it was the only school I needed to visit. Once I saw and felt the energy, I knew I wanted to be a part of this community, and I am so glad that I am.

NYU is proud

The best part about NYU is that we’re proud to be students here. We are proud not because we are in an Ivy school. We are proud of what our school has accomplished and what we have accomplished. There is never a day I don’t think about how goddamn glad I am to be here.