How to meet straight guys at NYU

Because odds are they’re either gay, taken or an asshole

Whether you’re looking for a relationship or just doing your own thing, meeting a nice guy you click with is just generally difficult at NYU.

It seems like meeting one will either happen by complete chance or just not at all… nice guys are starting to look a lot like unicorns at this point.

We all know how the saying goes at NYU: “He’s probably an asshole. But if he’s nice, he’s probably taken. And if he’s not taken, he’s gay until proven straight.”

Yours truly

In fact, you’ve probably been sent this flowchart from a friend or family-member who has heard your moans about the minuscule selection of available men at NYU.

Well ladies, there is finally hope for those of us out there wanting to meet a straight guy who doesn’t constantly brag about the fact that he’s in a frat (or Stern), ask for nudes within the first 20 minutes of texting or have such an inflated ego he truly believes he’s God’s gift to the world (You’re a DJ? Tell me more!)

If you’re looking for a hookup or a FWB, good news! You can literally go to any frat party, bar or club, and probably find a guy within an arm’s length who has already imagined having sex with you and is totally down! (Or, for those who are more picky, Tinder is definitely the way to go.)

But for the girls at NYU looking for something more than a hookup (whether it’s a “thing,” casual-dating or even a relationship), we’ve been conditioned to think that, in laymen’s terms, we’re fucked.


But… PLOT TWIST: there are nice guys — the catch is that you’re either not interacting with them, haven’t met one you really like or are looking in all the wrong places. (He doesn’t even have to be an NYU student!) We asked girls how they met their boyfriends in order to find out how they found these so-called “nice guys”…

Set-up by a friend

Set-ups happen a lot more often at NYU than you might think. Want to meet a nice guy? Ask your nice friends if they know anyone you would like! Nice people (usually) associate with nice people (aside from the occasional fucboi), and since your friends know you better than most people, who better to help you find a guy you would really ~mesh~ with?

Mutual friends

This one can be your best bet for finding a nice guy for the same reasons as above, although it does revolve around more socializing (looking at you, introverts.) Go to your friends’ parties, get lunch with friends-of-friends… you never know when you’ll meet someone special who you share mutual friends and interests with. So get out there and mingle, ladies! You’ll probably make some cool and long-lasting friendships in the process, too.

Had a class together

We’ve all had a CAS, Liberal Arts or Essay class that held 15-200+ strangers in it. Talk to your classmates and get to know them. Plus, asking an interesting guy to hang out is apparently so much easier and less stressful when you can blame it on needing help with the homework or a study-session in Bobst.

Study abroad

Studying abroad? Afraid you’ll be spending those 15 weeks with no romantic interests whatsoever (or the person simply won’t speak English well… at all)? NOPE. A surprising number of couples met while studying abroad, and most agreed that you bond much more with people when you’re far from home, to the point that their most unexpected relationships started from a close friendship with another student while abroad. (Quick date-night trip to Italy, anyone?) Or, y’know, maybe you’ll find a beautiful Parisian man who buys you macaroons and diamonds (maybe… a girl can dream.)


It seems like almost every NYU alum has mentioned how they met their husband/wife 30 years ago in the elevator or in Bobst. It’s all about coincidence, people! Tens of thousands of undergrads roam NYU daily — don’t you think it’s possible you just haven’t bumped into a nice guy or you just didn’t introduce yourself? I’m not saying that this guy’s going to be your husband, and I’m also not saying that this guy won’t turn out to be an asshole — but you might as well try!

If you spot a cute boy in the elevator, or at the Bobst desk next to you, or even in the laundry room, strike up a conversation! After all, you might truly never see this person again, and a lot of relationships seem to have started from just one stranger saying hi to another. (No pressure.)

In the same major

This last one might be a solution to some, and a problem to others. But whether your major is big or small, if you’re into a cool guy (or maybe even your friend) in your major, why not try it out? As long as professionalism with your peers isn’t an issue (like how people in my major don’t date because there’s so few of us, hi Music Tech friends) then go for it. You guys share the same interests and likely the same schedule… ~what a bummer~

What we found overall is that, sorry girls, most people didn’t meet their significant other on Tinder. “But my friend met her boyfriend on Tinder?!” Your friend is most likely the exception, unfortunately. It’s tempting to want to download the “dating” app and scroll through an almost infinite amount of men during what feels like a four-year death sentence to your love life, but don’t expect to find Prince Charming on an app that most guys see as an instant-fuckbuddy-finder just because it worked out for your friend Megan.

Most importantly, ladies, know what you want, know that you deserve someone who betters your life, and whether you’re looking for a boy or not, know how to be happy on your own. We are all strong and independent, and don’t let any boy make you feel differently. #yonce

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