Meeting the hipster dogs of Williamsburg

‘Collin’s afraid of the dishwasher. He stands there and shakes’

A sunny day in Brooklyn brings out some of the most pampered pooches.

One last look back at the summer before accepting that we have to move on. Meet New York’s finest mutts.

Kelly, 31, lawyer and Honey Herbert, 11, Japanese Chin


“Honey is cross-eyed, so when she’s listening, she moves her head back and forth like a therapist. She’s sort of a diva, but we’re very different.

“I’m rough around the edges and she’s refined. No matter how small the puddle, it will put her at a complete stop. She’d bathe only in Evian water if she could, just like Demi Moore.”

Rodrigo, 27, lawyer and Fred, eight months, Irish Setter


“Rodrigo does a lot of weird shit. His ears cover his eyes when he sleeps. I call them ear curtains.”

Nancy, 54, artist and Collin, 11, Lancashire Heeler


“Collin’s afraid of a lot of things. He’s afraid of the dishwasher. He stands there and shakes. He smiles a lot, especially when he’s at Black Island.”

Tina, 31, hairstylist and Dumpling, six, Staffordshire


“She obsessively licks her crotch, but if you could, wouldn’t you?”

Renata, 39, housewife and Urkan, 11, German Shepherd


“Urkan just moved here from Europe, but he insists on traveling back home when we do. He’s really just a sensitive person.”

Amelia, 27, lawyer and Harry, two, Havanese


“Harry hates skateboards. He seriously attacks them when he sees them.”

Mansour, 22, student and Quake, eight months, Shiba Inu


“Quake bites remotes. I love her energy though.”

Sharon, teacher and Simba, four, German Spitz


“Simba steals toilet paper, my glasses, everything he can get his paws on. When Simba leaves the beach, there are no crabs left in the sand.”

Derek, 31, dog enthusiast and Jolene, five, Catahoula


“Jolene is a rescue and she loves cats. Her best friend is the neighbor’s kitten.”

Jarrod, 23, realtor and Gabe, two, Lab-Jindo


“Me and him just moved here. He’s just really chill. He’s kind of cuddly.”

Aaron, 37, journalist and Walt Whitman, 14 months, Lab

11843984_10154142441864972_1686230895_n (2)

“They actually neutered Whitman too early and he had a heart attack on the operating table. We always joke that he came back for another round.

“And he’s super smart. He’s the smartest dog I’ve ever had by far. He’s gone a lot of places with us, but if anyone ever has to stay behind, he’s very difficult to get going.”

Michael, 25, dog-walker and Gibson and Khaleesi


“Yeah, they’re not my dogs.”

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