Your weekly weekeND update

The week that everyone got sunburned

Whoever said ND doesn’t know how to party has clearly never visited campus on a sunny, April, right-in-the-middle-of-darty-season weekend.

In case this weekend got the best of you, here’s what you missed.

Surrender to Excellence; Rise Above Ourselves

This Friday marked the unveiling of the 27th iteration of “The Shirt.” During an exciting ceremony complete with performances by many on-campus student groups, free food, and Coach Kelly himself, the shirt that will adorn the entire student body during the 2016-2017 football season was finally released. The shirt itself was received with mixed reactions by students; some a fan of the Father Ted quote, some upset by the championship years listed on the back, and everyone with some kind of opinion about the particular shade of blue chosen. Nevertheless, expect to see a lot more of “The Shirt” come next fall.

All hail the pig

Pigtostal – known to some as “better than Christmas” and others as “the worst excuse for a party” – has come and gone, taking with it the dignity and unblemished skin of many Notre Dame students. Whether you were there from beginning to end or not really “there” for any of it, your camera roll is probably filled with pictures of girls in jean shorts, Converse, and flannels around their waists, and guys in bucket hats and basketball jerseys. For all you fair-skinned Irish out there (which would be all of us after months of signature South Bend permacloud), stock up on some sunscreen and Aloe-Vera before next weekend.



We won the spring game!

After a heartbreaking end to the basketball season, we’re jumping right back into football. And since it’s not actually football season yet, we just play ourselves. Good news – we won! More specifically, the Blue team, led by quarterback DeShone Kizer, beat the Gold team 17-10. While this certainly adds an element of interest to the ongoing battle between Kizer and Malik Zaire for the position of starting QB, Coach Kelly said that neither player’s performance was enough to lock down the spot definitively. Either way, a day spent in 75 degree weather watching the Irish is never a day wasted.



In their post-Pigtostal/Blue-Gold game haze, students headed on down to the lakes on Saturday afternoon for Notre Dame’s second annual Lakeside music festival. This year, student acts The Brothers Vierling, Cuddlepit, Where’s John, Brizzy Briz, and ND MOBB played some outstanding sets in addition to pro headliners Chris Dupont and Frances Luke Accord.

lakeside It was truly a picture perfect day, with students playing Kanjam and sand volleyball, eating hotdogs, and tanning (burning) on the Carroll lawn under the rare South Bend sun, all while listening to good music with good friends. Who needs Coachella when you have Lakeside?


And just as a reminder as we head into finals, do your best to keep calm in the face of crises such as the one below.

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