Last-minute Halloween costume ideas from the most creative members of the Pack

Putting Walmart costumes to shame

Halloween has become the season for showing off your creativity in costume form. People come up with the coolest ideas and it makes me feel bad about myself, honestly. Props to those of you that have the time, money and patience to make your costume plans come to fruition.

I'll stick with my referee shirt from Amazon, thanks.

Cosmo and Wanda

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Wanda: Black pants, an oversized yellow shirt (cut out a v-neck for Wanda and throw some yellow felt on a headband.

Cosmo: Black pants and a white dress shirt with a black tie. Add some green hair paint and a wand.

Holes or Orange is the New Black (you pick)

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Get this look: Orange jumpsuits, white converse with a tank top and gallon water jugs to finish off the ensemble.

Mermaid Man from Spongebob Squarepants or Grey's Anatomy

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Grey's Anatomy: Simple scrubs for a Grey Sloan Hospital employee. For bonus points you can add blood to the look.

Mermaid Man: Start with green tights and black shorts at the bottom with a decorated orange shirt on top. Find teal kitchen gloves and some face paint and you're ready to go.

The Office

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Get the look: The Office is pretty easy to accomplish as long as you've got the hair. Wear work attire and a name tag. Make sure you get Dwight's glasses right, that's crucial.

RIP Vine

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Get the look: a simple green shirt with the Vine logo painted on. The knife headband is available at most costume stores. What makes this costume is the detailed makeup job.

Get political

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Get the look: You can easily dress up as your favorite politician by having their headshot blown up and printed, then dress like them to finish the look.

Dress as something you love

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Or rock your favorite booze

Get the look: Once again an oversized shirt is a canvas. Paint the name or decal of your favorite food or beverage on a shirt and compliment with the same color of makeup.

Whatever you choose, you're slacking if you don't post a pic to Instagram. Show the world your brain child.

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