NC State ranked as one of the best value colleges in America

More rankings, yay!

TIME Money have recently released their annual ranking about the top colleges for your money. According to their analysis, NC state holds the 50th spot for best bang for your buck when it comes to where to go for college.

TIME looked a total 711 schools when putting together their list.

NC State is the highest ranking college in the state of North Carolina, with UNC coming in at 60th, Duke at 64 and Wake Forest at 118.

The main variables considered were educational quality, affordability and alumni success. Data came from the US Department of Education, and a few other sources.

The rankings take into consideration more than just how much you’re spending on tuition each year. The rankings also analyze post graduate earnings.

Now you can rest easy knowing you’re getting a deal at $24,000 a year.

North Carolina State University