We asked NC State students what they think about carrying a gun on campus

Ask me if I’m packing

The Wolfpack is a passionate group of people, especially when it comes to politics. Throw out a few words like “gun control” or “campus carry” and you get all kinds of bites.

With the potential changes coming for the process of obtaining a gun permit, we asked students and recent grads for their opinion of guns at the place that matters most to them, NC State’s campus.

Of course there’s a huge difference in concealed carry and open carry but for now neither are legal on college campuses.

(This future law enforcement officer will keep her mouth shut and stick to asking the questions.)

Travis Hundley, senior in political science

I believe those who have gone through the process of receiving their conceal carry permit, a multiple step process, should be able to open carry on a college campus.

Carly McKenna, junior in mechanical engineering

I’m for carrying as long as one obtains permits that require extensive training, mental health checks and background checks.

Ashley Crouse, graduate of criminology

So, as the law stands now, requiring concealed carry class/permits, I don’t see a reason people who are permitted to carry concealed couldn’t do so on a college campus. If the permit-less concealed carry goes through, I would hope that they would still require a permit to conceal on campus, that way we know that in those types of non-public places (where people have to be for the sake of their grade, etc.) the people who do carry are doing so with adequate education on the laws and handling of a firearm, and are willing and able to use it effectively in a time of danger.

Side note, I’d hope in general they would start requiring some sort of basic education course to even purchase a gun (because law-abiding owners should be educated), maybe not rising to the level of current concealed carry classes, but something introductory. We all know that criminals will be criminals and will get their guns, but it would be nice for people who own guns “for personal protection” to actually be able and willing to use them.

Jacob Pilsbury, junior in aerospace engineering

I disagree with concealed carry on campus. I don’t think it’s safe because of all the shootings that have happened and the accidents that could occur.

Bradley Behe, graduate of computer science

Against. For every Virginia Tech, there are hundreds of negligent discharges, accidents or suicides. Someone who isn’t trained for active shooter scenarios or who doesn’t put hundreds of rounds down range monthly is only going to make things worse.

As usual, opinions are split. No one will ever really agree on such complex topics. Maybe it has to do with your career path. It makes sense that criminology majors favor guns. But there’s no way it is that cut and dry. At the end of the day, it’s up to the lawmakers to decide where it’s acceptable to concealed carry or carry at all.

North Carolina State University