‘They don’t even have a Cook Out’: The best of NC State basketball’s fanmade signs

We are professional hecklers

The Wolfpack is a creative bunch that likes to get in the heads of our opponents. The past couple weeks have consisted of multiple rivalry matches which bring out the competitive side of the fanbase.

The boldest fans tap into their creative sides and create signs to heckle the opposing team and get their face on camera. These are the best signs from recent game days.

We know our priorities

We can acknowledge Roy’s allure

Our shirts match our signs

Can you tell we don’t care for UNC? The star of the show was definitely the remake of this classic meme.

Always a hot topic

UVA hasn’t played us yet and they’re already throwing shade. Fans called out BeeJay Anya and the firing of Coach Gottfried. We’re popular when we aren’t even around. Any publicity is good publicity, amirite?

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