Admit it, we’re all a little obsessed with NC State’s Maverick Rowan

It took 24 seconds for me to fall in love

Mav Rowan is special – ask anyone in Raleigh. Not only is he a 6’7″ guard on the basketball team but he totaled 426 points last season with an average of 12.9 per game. Upon leaving Fort Lauderdale, Maverick quickly became the most dependable guy on the NC State men’s basketball team. He hasn’t transferred or made fans question his devotion to the team. #24 is always there (and typically with a smile).

Now that you’re familiar with his background, it’s time for a confession. I’m kind of hooked on this guy and I’m sure I am not the only one. That’s right, you know you love him, too.

It started my freshman year when I simply followed him on Twitter and Instagram. He always had a dry sense of humor and said things everyone else was thinking. It quickly escalated to Snapchat story stalking (speaking of which, the dude is always driving around late at night and I’m slightly concerned for his sleep schedule). He’s always posting snaps of sushi and his car like every other male.

Something about him is just magnetic and the whole crowd knows it. Fans yell out his name like they’re best friends.

At the most recent game against Notre Dame, the guy behind me was frustrated when Mav was benched and shouted “you’re pulling the best player out of the game!” Although he usually plays most of every game, his absence is noticeable on the court.

I think the most intriguing thing about Maverick is his resilience. He is the type of player to take a chance and shoot for 3-pointer after 3-pointer and won’t let a missed shot drag him down. Sometimes players get discouraged and it shows in their game, but Mav never hesitates. He keeps pushing and always seems positive when others let the pressure get to them.

He even received an offer from UNC and chose to come to State (clearly he looks better in red than blue). But only after taking summer classes and graduating from high school a year early. That determination is impressive.

So thanks for being you, #24. Keep doing your thing and giving us Wolfpack sports fans a reason to hold on. We appreciate your diligence and hope it sticks around for a few more seasons. With the upcoming staff change, we need strong leadership to make the transition. I have no doubt that Rowan is the right man for the job.

Now that the secret is out, I’m his biggest fan.

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