A definitive list of everything you obviously did during the break

Let’s just say they’re not all productive

Thanksgiving is a special time when you’re at college. No longer is it about getting excited to see your cousins and eating turkey, it’s now a time for drinking with your family and spending every lasting minute in bed, cuddling your dog.

There’s a certain number of things that every college student does on returning home for the holidays…

You obviously went EVERYWHERE with your mom

You mom is your number one. She’s like Super Woman, and you’re not sure how she got that way.

You have so many dumb college stories to tell her, even ones that she won’t necessarily appreciate. She’ll laugh with you, cry with you, and most importantly, she’ll tell you about the great pride she has in you.


You were clearly catching up with your high school besties

It’s not possible to come home from college and not see your original partners in crime.

You talk as if you’ve all seen each other yesterday, and the laughter never ends. It’s amazing to experience how strong friendships can become when you are all away.


You slept. A lot.

You need your sleep, you get none at school. You’re used to going to bed long after midnight while at school, so sleeping in till the afternoon hours isn’t such a crime.

You know to enjoy the opportunity while you have it.


You were drinking before family gatherings… because they’re always stressful

A tall glass of something strong can do wonders if you have to face awkward social situations. Your family might notice a bit, but they’re usually busy partaking in the same activities.


Catching a Church service because you haven’t gone since leaving for college

Yes, it’s a bad thing, and you know it.

College keeps you insanely busy, and you just can’t fit everything in your schedule each week. Nonetheless, you should go talk to Jesus about it.


It’s fair to say you broke your bank while Black Friday shopping

So many sales, so much shameless buying. It’s okay. You’ll probably find a good use for all the pointless crap you purchase.

If not, at least you had fun buying it.


You gave a lot of love to your dear pets

You’ve missed your dog, cat, horse, etc. since day one. You’ve only seen pictures of them since August, but now you get to see it in person, hug it, and annoy the hell out of it.

It’s okay though, it loves you.

You obviously visited local colleges to party it up

You already know that Mizzou is the best party school, but you’ve seen some Insta posts from your local friends… and the boys who attend the private school near your house are quite fetching.

Why not give it a try? party


And you FaceTimed your roommate cause you miss her like crazy, and you both needed to vent about life at home

Seeing her lovely face on the screen makes your heart happy. Even though it’s only been a few days, the two of you are dying to see each other again. You can’t wait to get back to school so you can create more hilarious stories you’ll tell each other on repeat for the days and months to come.


Oh and you had to tell your family that you and your boyfriend broke up

“Where’s ________?” Oh, I am so flattered that you asked…


Mizzou: University of Missouri