Every dreaded thing you’ll be asked during Thanksgiving break

So who is your new Mizzou boo?

‘Tis the season for spending time with friends and family, consuming large amounts of food (and alcohol!), and—unfortunately—answering awkward questions from your incredibly curious relatives at the dining room table. As you head home for Thanksgiving break, brace yourselves for these questions that are sure to be asked upon your return.

Are there any new boys in your life?


Perhaps the most dreaded question to be anticipated over the holiday break. Whether you have a new “Mizzou boo” or your love life is in absolute shambles, you really don’t want to be talking about your romantic interest(s) with your relatives.

What would make it more bearable, however, is a large glass of wine and a girl’s night in with your bestie from back home.

How are your grades?

Again, this conversation could go two very different ways. If your grades are stellar, then good for you! Expect words of praise from your Grandparents, and pats on the back from your dad. If they’re not, however, this question could potentially result in you excusing yourself early from the dinner so you can cry discretely in the bathroom—yikes!

Did you miss us?


Oh, what a loaded question that is! Of course you’ve missed your family when you have been gone for several months, but the amount of freedom you are given in college is highly underrated. No curfews, no supervision, no helicopter parents? Perhaps one of the best perks of being a college student.

 Do you go to parties?

This is where that “no curfews, no supervision, no helicopter parents” comes back full circle; “No mom, of course I never went out on the weekends to go partying or ‘fropping’…”

…What they don’t know won’t hurt ‘em, I guess?

Are you making any friends?

I mean, really—is this question necessary? I promise I don’t spend time sulking in my single room day in and day out, listening to The Smiths and eating Ramen by myself!

Disclaimer: I’ve actually met some of my favorite people on the planet over the few short months I’ve been at Mizzou.

You’re getting a job this summer, right?


This is my week-long vacation. Please do not make me think about getting a job this summer over Turkey and green bean casserole.

So, do you know what your major is?

Although there are few students who know what they want to do in life, there are so many college students that are still trying to figure out where their niche is. Seriously, there should be a “No school-discussion zone” at every table during the holiday season.

You’re going to spend the whole break with us, right?

This is definitely one of the more touchy-subjects; as much as I would love to talk for hours and chill at home all break with y’all, I have to squeeze in time to see all of the friends I’ve been separated from for months.

Balancing your time between family and friends over break can be rough, but it will be 100% worth it in the end if you can do it efficiently.

When do you want to schedule your hair/dentist/doctor’s appointment over break?


 *Tells parents all of the dates and times you are free*

When are you going to start packing?

I just got here mom, let me live my life…packing in advance is for the weak! (Or maybe I just want another week at home.)

Despite the nosy questions and awkward responses that are sure to follow, there’s no denying that there’s no place like home for the holidays!


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