Michigan has some of the hardest working students in the country

The school was ranked among others such as Westpoint, Yale, and Harvard.

In news that will come as a surprise to no one, a study done by Niche, a college rankings site, has found that Michigan is one of the most difficult schools in the nation.

Niche studies the academic grade for each school based on the quality of the professors, incoming students’ academic achievements, graduation rates, and student reviews of their overall academic experience. For this ranking, they also surveyed students about their study habits, class attendance, homework amount, how often students attended office hours and study sessions, and their overall workload.

All of these factors were quantified to give each school a score out of 100, with Michigan receiving a score of 90.4, just behind UCLA. Topping the list were schools like MIT, the University of Chicago, Rice, Carnegie Mellon, and Yale.

With finals right around the corner, this could not be more true. Keep working hard, guys!

University of Michigan