Just a bunch of tweets you’ll find funny if you go to Michigan

“Body at ugli heart at Rick’s”

We all know that Michigan students are smart, but scroll through your twitter page and you’ll see that they’re funny, too. Take a look at this roundup of a few of the best tweets by and for Michigan students:

This tweet, which is just plain savage:

This tweet which is actually sort of accurate:

This post from someone who we kind of wish had gotten in:

And this one:

This one that’s sad but true:

And this eye-roller:

This one that proves you’ll never forget your time at Michigan, because the Alumni Association will be after you until the day you die:

But no hard feelings, because they’re the people who gave you Welcome Wednesdays:

A post that’s too real for seniors:

This interesting essay strategy:

This one, taking a stab at the paper we love to hate:

Everyone loves making fun of Michigan’s PC culture:

This overheard via someone who probably lives in Landmark:

This tweet that may be a bit of a stretch:

And this one from Jim Harbaugh’s son, who you should really follow on twitter:

This post that actually is very accurate:

And this exchange:

This accurate tweet about a Umich professor:

And this one:

And, um, this one:

This one we can all relate to:

This tweet about the mystery that is the BB bus route:

And, whatever this is:

With finals week upon us, it’s good to see that everyone’s maintaining a sense of humor. Keep it up, Wolverines!

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