Michigan students have the most positive STD results in the country

STDcheck.com found that the University of Michigan had the highest amount of positive results out of any school they’ve seen.

STDcheck.com, a reproductive health website where people can use STD test kits at local labs, found that the University of Michigan ranked #1 for positive test results when compared to other universities whose students have used their services.

The site said they measured their data by calculating the amount of students signing up with email addresses from different schools and receiving positive results, and Michigan came out on top.

In a blog post about their results, the site added that ratesĀ for chlamydia and gonorrhea in Washtenaw County have gone up every year since 2006, with a spike in 2015. It called for more resources for students regarding sexual health, suggesting that UHS’s services might not be well advertised throughout campus, and adding that UHS does not test for all types of STD’s.

Outside of UHS, testing options include Ann Arbor’s Planned Parenthood and the Washtenaw County Jail or Juvenile Detention Center. It’s possible that students avoid these places for fear of being stigmatized, but as this study shows, getting tested is extremely important.

For more information about sexual health, visit UHS’s page regarding STD assessments.

University of Michigan