The most Insta-worthy places on campus

The Law Quad, because #Hogwarts

Classes are starting to pick up, you’re tired of being holed up in the Ugli, and the days of sunshine are dwindling. Don’t let school get you down just yet. Grab your friends, a camera, throw on your cutest top and those heels you love oh so much, and go outside for a photo shoot. Here are the hidden gems of campus, where you can pose like the model you are, laugh hysterically with your besties and then share your beauty with everyone.

Get graphic


Find this super cool mural on Liberty, right across the street from Starbucks (you all know where that is). This wall is the perfect backdrop for your next profesh head-shot, where you want to display your brains, but also let your fun side peek out.

Cafe flirty


Nickel’s Arcade gives off such a relaxed and cozy vibe, who wouldn’t want to snap pictures there? There are even cafe tables and benches where you can sip your morning brew, with your feet up, while reading the Michigan Daily or maybe your physics textbook.

Stop and smell the roses roll in the grass


The UMMA sculpture is awesome. It hosts a lush section of green grass, basically begging you to have a picnic with friends under it. Right in the heart of campus, you pass it every day. So stop and take a selfie on your way to class. Your prof will understand, right? Also, if you look at the sculpture from different angles and positions, you’ll see that it spells “ART”.

Your mom will love this head-shot in front of the academic building she once roamed


The pillars of Angell Hall, are not only the foundation of the most busy hall on campus, but also the foundation of your next profile picture.

Pose like the model you are


This beautiful building, dripping in ivy, is none other than Tappan Hall. Take a detour on your way to the Diag, and get tangled up for a sweet shot.

Casual pics are everyone’s favorite


The Law Quad is one of the most recognizable places on campus. After all, it was in the running to be “Hogwarts” for the Harry Potter series. So iconic, why wouldn’t you take a casual pic?

Be bold


Also outside at UMMA, you can find all kinds of art and sculptures. After you spend time admiring the pieces inside, don’t forget to appreciate the work around the museum too.

Hug a tree


But really, get in touch with your natural side and snap a #flawless pic to share. Plus, we all know that the best lighting is outside.

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