It looks like Richard Spencer might be speaking at MSU after all

A lawsuit was filed against the university last night by Spencer’s organization

In late August, white supremacist Richard Spencer was denied the ability to rent a room at the Kellogg Center to speak on Michigan State's campus. Last night, Kyle Bristow, an MSU graduate and attorney by career, filed a lawsuit against the university on behalf of Cameron Padgett, who has been arranging Spencer's speaking tour.

At the time of the request by Spencer's organization, university leaders had cited the recent violence at Charlottesville as the main point of concern for student safety. As of today, it is unclear whether that decision will be reversed.

The complaint cites that Spencer's application to speak at the university was denied because the university doesn't agree with the National Policy Institute (NPI) over legitimate safety concerns. Padgett is looking for a jury trial and punitive damages from the university.

We again spoke to MSU student body president Lorenzo Santavicca on the issue.

"While the beliefs of the group may counteract the values of our MSU student body and university community," he said, "we must be able to recognize the fundamental American rights in freedom of expression."

As of now, it is not clear whether or not NPI will be speaking on campus, but Santavicca assures that if they do, student safety will be a top priority.

"I trust that the university will provide the necessary resources and work with its partners in law enforcement to make this happen," Santavicca said.

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