Everything you wish you’d known freshman year at MSU

Learn from them now

Heading into freshman year at MSU you may think you’ll survive easy. You’ll get ready to deck out your dorm and have your phone out for photos at all time. But there are little things that other MSU freshman would have realized that can make your life a whole lot easier.

Buying books from the campus bookstores

With all the emails and letters sent to your door, it might seem like the only places you can buy textbooks at MSU are Collegeville or Spartan Bookstore. Not true. In reality you’re going to spend hundreds more per book there, and then they’ll buy them back for little to nothing. Renting from companies like Chegg or Amazon can really save the bank.

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RCPD can be a godsend

RCPD stands for the Resource Center for Persons with Disabilities. They handle everything from mental, physical, and educational disabilities. The point of RCPD is to help students with any array of disabilities to maximize the quality of experience they have at MSU. It is in their jurisdiction to allow anything from emotional support animals, to separate testing locations.

This is a little courtyard inside Bessy Hall next to the resource center for persons with disabilities. I like the etching on the glass contrasted with the beautiful fall colors

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It’s best to get involved

There are nearly a thousand registered organizations on campus; meaning there has got to be one you can find that is at least halfway interesting. But if clubs aren’t your style, there are always sports games, university events, hall government and university employment to get you going. Getting involved lets you meet people, potentially your best friends.

Spartans win Group D to advance to the Sweet Sixteen.

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Bus passes aren’t necessary, but they’re nice to have

Truth is, you don’t have to spend 50 bucks on a bus pass each semester, campus is truly walkable from one end to the other. Sure, you may freeze in the winter and boil in the summer, but it is possible. CATA is nice for a warm ride, but is often packed, and won’t get you to class faster when running late.

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Bikes are the next best

If you’re not all in for the bus and are dreading walking, bikes are for you. After a quick registration your bike can go anywhere on campus.

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Take advantage of finals week destress events

Finals suck, and the university knows it. So as incentives for breaks, the university creates destress events all around campus during the week before and of finals. Most will include food to indulge in and puppies to love on. And, despite 24/7 quiet hours, every night at midnight you’re allowed to scream, so do it as loud as you can.

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You can change your schedule after AOP

The student who helps you figure out the MSU schedule builder is not law. They don’t know you, or your major, or class preferences; they only know what the sheet from your advisor says. Whatever schedule they make, you can change to fit your liking.

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Take advantage of Spartan Cash

Spartan Cash will save you. Don’t want to spend money, but you’re desperately hungry? There are many near campus restaurants that will take Spartan Cash.

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The weather changes rapidly

Michigan weather seems to change every ten minutes. Once you get used to one thing, it will change. So be prepared to bring clothes, lots of them. You’ll need clothes that can keep you warm in negative weather, and clothes that let you breathe when it is almost breaching a hundred degrees outside.

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Use the MSU Guide app

Most likely, when you get on campus, you have no idea where you are. The MSU Guide can save you. This app has real time maps, dining hall menus, CATA times and more. It can be the ultimate savior to any freshman.

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