Another conflict with the MSU football sexual assault case is unfolded

The case is not as well-handled as the university says

In February, three football players and a staff member, Curtis Blackwell, were suspended from the MSU team after an alleged sexual assault case was reported. It took three weeks after the incident for that announcement to be made. Now, after the the investigation is complete, issues have been found in the statements that the university made regarding their response to the assault.

In MSU’s statement, they claimed that the assault occurred in late January, when in actuality it had occurred January 16 at University Village Apartments. The university’s Clery Crime and Fire Log show that the victim reported the incident the next day, January 17.

By February 2, days before the announcement of suspension, a contract was signed with Rebecca Veidlinger to investigate potential violations of the university sexual misconduct policy.

It wasn’t until February 9 that the university announcement was made, and there was no announcement as to when the players were suspended. The three football players will remain unnamed until criminal charges are announced in the upcoming weeks.

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