Meet the MSU freshman slaying the spinning game

Taylor Mueller is the real deal

With spring break just around the corner, the search for that killer workout has never been more vital to students here at MSU. Look no further, Spartans, because we have found it.

If you’re not taking Michigan State freshman Taylor Mueller’s spinning class at IM West every Tuesday at 6:45pm, you should be. It will be one of the best decisions you make at MSU, and we guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

However, we must warn you – it is not easy. And you will sweat. A lot.

Filled with jams that will have you singing along the whole 45 minutes (and dancing, if you’re that coordinated), this spinning class will take your workout game to the next level. Taylor’s positive energy and control are the keys to her success as a spinning instructor – they are just a few of the many reasons why people keep coming back for more, and are what push her class to always keep on pedaling.

“My number one motivator was my mom,” Taylor said. Taylor has been an athlete and a performer her whole life, so teaching a spinning class was the perfect fit for her. “Sometimes I forget I’m getting paid to do it. I really love it.”

Her favorite part of the class is the high energy that comes with every class.

“When everyone is into it, riding to the beat, feeling the music, and sweating their asses off, it’s an awesome feeling for me.” Taylor says getting to sing and dance on a bike for 45 minutes gives her a chance to give others (and herself) a great workout.

“It’s something I hope I can continue to do forever, like my mom, and carry it with me wherever I go,” she said.

So Spartans, drop what you’re doing and head over to IM West for Taylor Mueller’s spinning class this Tuesday at 6:45pmWe promise it will be a lot of fun, and although you might be sore after the 45 minutes are up, you will certainly not regret it.

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