It’s engagement season, so let’s talk about it

Even you, commitaphobe

As everyone has probably been made aware of by now, we are in the middle of (once again) engagement season: the time of year where it seems like everyone you know that’s in a relationship decides to take the next jump in a relationship. And whether you’re painfully single or swooningly happy, it is a scary realization that this is happening, and eventually may happen to you. So let’s talk about engagements – the do’s, don’ts, and OMG’s that come with them.

Avoid the cliché holiday engagement

Please, just stop being cliché already. Social media has already seen hundreds upon hundreds of rings pop out of a present, or after a New Years kiss at a party – and now, with Valentines Day chocolates. If engagements are supposed to be so special, it’s time to start making them special.

Instead of planning to pop the question in an overdone way or around one of the usual holidays, try to make it unique and relevant to your relationship. If you can make it low-key, rather than blaring the proposal across the Jumbotron at a baseball game, it’ll be less pressure for both of you (especially if there is a “no” involved).

Chill out about the ring

Okay, sure, a big rock looks stunning on Instagram, for about five seconds. But what about functionality? Isn’t it going to weigh down your hand? What if you have to wear gloves? It’s not practical. It’s understandable trying to find something that fits and she’ll be proud to wear for the rest of her life, but if an exact diamond is all a girl is looking for, then something’s wrong and you should run.

Lets make this a gender neutral thing

Obviously, currently its up to the man to decide when the engagement happens, which low key encourages male dominance. Ladies, lets change that. It’s okay, (if you feel that you and your man are ready) pop that question. Why can’t men have engagement rings too? They can be just as proud of getting married as the girls. It may seem bold and uncomfortable, but that’s exactly how the man feels too; so embrace the sweaty palms and racing heart, and pray that he says yes.

There is no time range to getting engaged.

Right now it may seem scary that people you graduated with or people that graduated right before you are settling down in life while you’re sitting with pizza and Netflix. Do. Not. Panic. You may meet Prince Charming ( I know, cliché) when you’re in grad school or in the working world. It doesn’t have to be now.

So don’t fear engagement- you probably have time to think it over, figure out your relationship and decide on your rock. In the mean time, just suffer through the soppy love story posts and realize it may be you there one day.

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