Chloe Grace Moretz is coming to MSU encouraging students to register to vote

She’ll be in South Case Hall 2:15-4:15 on Friday

Since before arriving on campus, incoming and returning students have been bombarded with the notion of how important it is to register to vote for the upcoming election. People on the streets with clipboards vie for passerby’s to make sure their registered. attention A variety of news reporters and celebrities alike have gone to social media expressing their opinion for both candidates; and all sides call for the importance of registering to vote. Even the candidates have taken to specific platforms just to encourage voter representation.

On September 26 Chloe Grace Moretz announced on Twitter that she will be visiting four major Michigan universities: Western Michigan, University of Michigan, Grand Valley State University, and Michigan State University. She is visiting all of the universities on Friday, September 30. Her main purpose of the visits is to support Clinton’s campaign, and get students registered to vote.


Moretz is one of the celebrities that has avidly supported Hillary Clinton throughout her campaign for the presidency. Most of her recent Twitter feed is retweets of Clinton, and personal expression of why Clinton deserves the presidency over her competitor, Trump. Her activity on social media is only one reason why she is relatable to the generation of first time voters. Her advocacy of registration is more relatable because Moretz has just recently registered to vote, and it is also her first year of eligibility in participating in an election.

Moretz will be on State’s campus from 2:15-4:15 on Friday. The event will be held behind South Case Hall.

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