What it’s like living with spring break FOMO

I am your friend group’s worst nightmare

Hi, my name is Remi and I have FOMO, or fear of missing out. Specifically when it comes to spring break.  Living with FOMO can be sad and annoying. You’re constantly the reason plans get changed or are blowing up the group chat with texts such as “omg you look so cute, wish i was there” when you’re actually dying to be with them on the inside.

Although all of my  best friends have been having the time of their lives on a beach somewhere, at least I can still live vicariously through them thanks to Instagram.

My spring break plans were pretty cool too! I got to cuddle with my dogs every morning.

Cash even wanted to help me write this article.

Oh there was the highlight of my week, my radiator broke down in the middle of a parking lot and I had to get my car towed.

Now my week wasn’t as exciting as others was, but I still had a great time. I was able to relax from school and catch up with my family from home. Let it be known that going on spring break is not the end all, be all. Yes it is lots of fun, but its also very expensive and for many college students, its not very realistic till their junior or senior year.

Until your spring break comes (or for me, everyone else’s ends), continue to pretend you’re on a beach by scrolling through your Instagram feed.

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