UMD sophomore reports use of racial slur on Denton Hall door

She claims someone chalked the n-word

A resident of Denton Hall at the University of Maryland reports returning to her dorm room yesterday to find “Fuck you nigger” written on her chalkboard.

Sophomore Diamond Fisher had been keeping a pumpkin in a basket outside her room as a Halloween decoration. The week of October 9th she noticed someone had stolen the pumpkin so she replaced it. Eventually, someone returned the original pumpkin, leaving her with two pumpkins in her basket.

Days later, on October 15, 2016, Diamond recalls hearing giggling and whispering outside her door. When she went out she notice both pumpkins missing again, so she decided to leave a message for whoever was stealing them.

The note said, “Dear pumpkin thieves, a friend saw you and you will be investigated and in trouble.” Diamond said that after writing this message, she went to get food and by the time she got back to her dorm someone had written, “Fuck you nigger” over her original writing.


Diamond told The Tab she felt hurt by these actions and ever since the incident she says she has been feeling like she doesn’t belong at UMD, a place where she once felt welcome.

“I don’t feel like my life is in danger, I’m just super aware of myself.” She even feels uncomfortable “stepping into an elevator full of white people,” and feeling as if they were all just looking at her.

“I don’t even care about the pumpkins anymore, I would just like an apology. I hope they at least have the decency to recognize how inappropriate their actions were and at least slide a letter of apology under my door,” she said.

“No one deserves this and I don’t wish any kind of hate on anyone. My UMD is a place for everyone to feel welcomed and included – any type of hate should and will not be tolerated.”

UMD Police is currently investigating the incident.

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