5 best places to nap on campus

Because the nap nook is way too far for me

Ever tried to nap on campus? Who hasn't! I did a very serious investigation and found all the best places at JMU to nap publicly.

The first floor of Carrier

for once, I'm looking AT the library instead of dying inside it

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The ultimate go-to. Go to the silent section of the first floor and they have some solid single chairs back there that are perfect for slouching, pulling up your hoodie, and taking a snooze.

Madison Union recliners

Just a picture of the fresh snow starting off our brand new semester #2k17 #godukes #taylor

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These recliners are a godsend to the second floor of Madison Union (the part above TDU). They can lean back, swivel and they all face the most beautiful parts of JMU. Plus, they have those phone charger stations on the walls!

Madison Union couches

You know the couches. The ones directly above TDU and near the mailroom. They are some solid couches. It's not as quiet a space as the recliners, but it's always good to have a backup option.

ECL quiet floors

Ever since they got rid of the ISAT couches right by the entrance, I've been lost. But then I discovered the beauty of ECL's couches on the quiet floors. Nothing says "peaceful sleeping" like a quiet library.

EnGeo couches

I have never been more flabbergasted then when I saw a girl completely curled up and knocked out asleep on an EnGeo (then called HHS) couch my freshman year. I was so confused. Like, there's one thing to be sleepy in public but to curl up and nap? As a senior, though, I have since seen the error of my ways. Couches are meant for naps, and they always will be.

There you have it! If you can't make it to the nap nook or it's too loud for you to nap properly there, head to any of these lovely locations for an afternoon snooze.

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