Stop what you’re doing and rejoice! JMU officially has machines that give out free tampons

They’re available both the women’s and gender-neutral bathrooms

Earlier this year, the JMU Student Government Association began an initiative to get free tampons and pads in all JMU bathrooms. The initiative was spearheaded by junior Eric Kaufmann, and guess what, IT’S FINALLY HAPPENED, Y’ALL.

JMU has installed feminine product dispensers that are truly doing the Lord’s work: providing women with free pads and tampons.

Twitter user @Bryantbubbly posted a picture of the first free pads and tampons machine, located in the gender-neutral bathroom behind the Dunkin’ Donuts in SSC.

“In brighter news this week, JMU put in free women’s necessities in bathrooms,” the tweet reads.

I did a little snooping of my own and found the machines are in all of the women’s and gender-neutral bathrooms in SSC!

Eat your heart out, future JMU students

Eat your heart out, future JMU students

I was so excited, I just grabbed two tampons! I’m not even on my period but how could I resist? This is a huge step forward for JMU, and will hopefully lead to even more progress in how JMU treats women.

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