Praise the beer gods: Harrisonburg’s newest brewery will let you brew your own beer

Does drinking count as an elective class yet?

Have you ever wanted to brew your own beer, but didn’t have the space to start? Dorm rooms don’t exactly have stoves and apartments tend to be too small to store all the equipment it takes to get started, but never fear! Thanks to¬†Shawn Gatesman, this summer your dreams of brewing beer can come true with the opening of The Friendly Fermenter.

Even though Harrisonburg currently has four breweries (Three Notch’d, Pale Fire, Brothers and Wolfe Street), Gatesman found a unique way into the scene.

The Friendly Fermenter will give customers the option of brewing their own beer on site. According to WHSV, it’s “on track to open next summer.” So head over to your favorite search engine and start brushing up on brewing technique before The Friendly Fermenter opens!

James Madison University